Smart TV / Computers

We offer two ways to watch

There are 2 ways to install please chose from the selections below

#1 Smart TV Setup

IPTVFirst click on the Apps icon, then select “Get more apps”. Now in the search type Downloader. This will find the Downloader app you will need to sideload any IPTV app.

IPTVSelect the downloader app, and click “Install”. It will now start downloading.  Once complete select “Open” and then select “Allow” for the “Allow Downloader to access your media”.

Next choose what player you would like to use
CCTV-Learn more 
Smarters  -Learn more

Type in  in the URL  box, and click “Go”

#2 Easy Web Player Method

Step 1. Enter type the below URL into your web browser

Step 2. Enter your user name and password information emailed to you.

We recommend using Microsoft Edge browser.

Click on Live TV Then To open channel categories.

*Please note : Web browsers may work but are limited to the codecs they have built in for what video formats they can play. This can cause some content not to play.  


If you like:

  • Sleek Layout 
  • Best TV Guide
  • Scheduled Recordings

Follow install instructions above using this link


Important: You must double click channel (not the picture) on the guide to watch in full view.  

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Latest Smarters Pro

If you like:

  • Very Stable App
  • Has two different live TV menu types
  • Plays VOD Trailers
  • Records
  • TV Catch Up

Follow install instructions above using this link:


Important :  Delete any older version prior to installing. 
Note: To save favorites. Long press any channel

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 If you experience  buffering this could be that your IP is blocking your Geo Location. We recommend trying a   VPN to keep yourself private.