Setup Guide: Smart TV / Mac / Windows / PC

There are 2 ways to install please chose from the selections below


Android TV Setup

First click on the Apps icon, then select “Get more apps”. Now in the search type Downloader. This will find the Downloader app you will need to sideload any IPTV app. 


Select the Downloader app, and click “Install”. It will now start downloading the app. Once complete select “Open” and then select “Allow” for the “Allow Downloader to access your media”.


Now type our download link,  in the URL box., and click “Go”.



Easy Web Player Method

We offer a web player, that should work in any web browser. This is great for Windows/iOS and VR headsets, as we have VR content.

Step 1. Enter this URL in any website browser or on your PC

Step 2. Enter your user name and password information emailed to you.

Please note web browsers are limited to the codecs they have built in for what video formats they can play. This is not something that can be fixed, so expect some content not to play. We would recommend Google Chrome for PC or Mac, and the Oculus Browser for Oculus headsets.

 If you experience  buffering this could be that your IP is blocking your Geo Location. We recommend trying a   VPN to keep yourself private.