Internet or Connection Issues

We found that If you entered your user name and password and you get the " ERROR CAN'T CONNECT TO THE SERVER".

1 of 2 things have happened.
#1. Your not connected to the internet. I know it's silly
but that's 90% of the problem people find. Please unplug or restart your Wi-Fi / Router.

#2. You entered the username and password incorrectly.
Please Log out and back into the app.

 If you can't log back into the app. This will require you to clear the apps cache.

It is very simple don't worry

1.Simply go to System/Settings
2. Find -Apps - then CCTV.apk

3. Clear Data will give you a fresh reset- Go back and re enter your login details.

If you find your getting buffering repeat these steps above before watch things like live spot's and clear CACHE ONLY. That frees up space and is just smart maintenance. You can do this weekly or monthly.

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